Boost Your Chances of Pregnancy with Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring

Advent of the time lapse embryo monitoring technique in the field of assisted reproductive technology has brought a great advancement in the success rate of pregnancies attained artificially through medical procedures like IVF and ICSI. The time lapse embryo monitoring system, as the name suggests, gives embryologists the chance to closely inspect multiple embryos formed with IVF or ICSI and then choose the healthiest one among the lot for implantation to enhance the chances of a successful pregnancy among couples with trouble in conceiving. It is done using a special incubator-like equipment that stores the embryo and is connected with a microscopic camera to capture images of the developing embryo at regular intervals, which are, in turn, combined to create a time lapse video clearly showcasing the progress and rate of development of the embryo. This facilitates the embryologist in assessing the growth of embryos at different crucial points in the developmental stage after artificial fertilisation. Once recorded, the data collected from the developing embryos is compared to select the healthiest one for implantation. This method of analytical inspection and selection of embryos for implantation increases the chances of pregnancy by a great margin. The selection of the healthies embryo not only paves way for a successful pregnancy, but it also ensures a pregnancy without major complications and the birth of a healthy child.

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Why You Should Go for Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring

As opposed to the general way of selecting embryos after in vitro fertilisation, which is simply based on the morphology of the embryo at the time of implantation, a time lapse embryo monitoring procedure takes into consideration the development of the embryo at all the crucial stages, giving insight into the rate of the embryos’ growth at each developmental milestone.


Additionally, in the traditional method of embryo selection, the embryos are monitored once a day. This exposes the embryo to subtropical environments that can have a negative impact on its development, rendering it unfit for implantation, thus negating the whole point of monitoring the embryos.

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