Egg Donation In Patna

For some people who want to have a baby, it can be hard because they can’t make eggs that can make a baby. That’s where egg donation comes in. At Aastha IVF, egg donation has helped lots of people who can’t make their own eggs to have a family. It’s like a light of hope for them to become parents and feel the happiness of having children. Aastha IVF is known as the best IVF center in Patna. We provide many services including egg donation in Patna. We help all individuals in becoming parents.

What Is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a process in which a woman (the donor) voluntarily donates her eggs to be used by another individual or couple (the recipient) who are unable to conceive with their own eggs. This procedure is often used in cases where the recipient has experienced infertility due to factors such as advanced maternal age, premature ovarian failure, or genetic disorders.

Egg Donation in Patna

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The Egg Donation Process :

The egg donation process patna typically involves the steps like:


Before someone can donate eggs, they have to go through a detailed checkup to make sure they are healthy and meet certain requirements. This includes going to the doctor for tests, checking their genes, and talking to a counselor to make sure they’re okay with donating eggs. It’s all done to make sure the egg donation process goes smoothly and safely for everyone involved.


After being approved to donate eggs, the donor takes special medicines to help her ovaries make more eggs than usual. This process is called ovarian stimulation. The goal is to collect as many eggs as possible for donation, so the medicines help the ovaries produce more eggs than they normally would.

Egg Retrieval: 

Once the eggs are ready, they’re taken out from the donor’s ovaries through a small surgery called follicular aspiration. During this, the donor is given medicine to sleep, and a thin needle is used to collect the eggs with the help of a special camera called ultrasound. It’s a gentle way to get the eggs out without causing much discomfort.


After the eggs are taken out, they’re mixed with sperm either from the person the eggs are for or from a donor, using a method called in vitro fertilization (IVF). This means the eggs and sperm are combined outside the body in a lab dish to try to make embryos. It’s like helping the eggs and sperm get together to start growing into a baby.

Embryo Transfer: 

After the eggs and sperm join together and start growing, they become embryos. These embryos are kept in a lab for a few days to grow a bit more. Then, they’re placed into the uterus of the person who will carry the baby in a simple procedure called embryo transfer. It’s like planting tiny seeds in the womb to grow into a baby.

Benefits of Egg Donation :

Egg donation offers several benefits to individuals and couples struggling with infertility:

Increased Success Rates: 

Using eggs from a donor can really increase the chances of getting pregnant for people who have eggs that aren’t very good or not enough. It’s like using healthier seeds to grow a baby inside the womb, which gives a better chance of having a successful pregnancy.

Expanded Family Building Options: 

Egg donation provides individuals and couples with an alternative pathway to parenthood, allowing them to fulfill their desire to have children.

Genetic Diversity: 

Egg donation allows recipients to choose a donor whose physical characteristics, ethnicity, and genetic background align with their preferences, providing genetic diversity within the family.

Emotional Support: 

When someone gets eggs from a donor, they usually talk to a counselor for help with the feelings that come with not being able to have a baby on their own and using someone else’s eggs. The counselor gives support and advice to help them feel better about the whole process and understand everything that’s happening.

Why Choose Aastha IVF For Egg Donation?

Being the best IVF in Patna we give 100% efforts to each and every patient for becoming a successful parent. 

  • The doctors and staff at Aastha IVF are really good at helping people have babies. They’ve done it lots of times before, so they know how to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Everyone at Aastha IVF is nice and caring. They understand that having a baby can be hard, so they’re always there to support and help you.
  • We offer all the services you’ll need for egg donation, from finding the right donor to getting the eggs and making sure everything is okay.
  • We have helped lots of people become parents through egg donation, so they have a good track record of success.
  • We follow all the rules and make sure that everything is done ethically and responsibly, so you can trust them to do things the right way.
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