An In-Depth Look at Doppler Tests for Urological Procedures

Doppler tests are advanced diagnostic urodynamic tests that are advised for men living with erectile dysfunction, resulting in infertility. The doppler examination is done using sophisticated tools to examine the blood flow to the penis and determine the reason for the dysfunction of the penis in getting erected. Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition in men that prevents them from attaining an erection despite receiving sexual stimulation. Failure to get erected renders the penis flaccid even during intercourse, due to which penetration cannot occur.

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How is a Doppler Test Carried Out?

The procedure employs high-frequency waves that are bombarded on the penis to measure the level of blood flow into the phallus. The procedure is preceded by administering an injection to the patient. This step is done to assist the patient in getting an erection, ensuring ease in carrying out the next steps of the procedure.

An ultrasound device is used to measure the level of blood flowing to the genital area once an erection, followed by the administration of the injection, is attained.

Is a Doppler Test helpful?

Doppler tests are particularly helpful in assessing the cause of erectile dysfunction in men, which mainly occurs due to either arterial failure or veinous leakage. In some cases, erectile dysfunction may occur as a result of the combination of the two underlying conditions mentioned above. On the basis of whether the cause of erectile dysfunction is either one of the abovementioned conditions or a combination of both, fertility specialists are able to decide the right course of treatment that should be used.

Anyone with a history of failure to attain an erection on multiple occasions despite sexual stimulation is advised to opt for a doppler test screening. Not only does erectile dysfunction cause a major hindrance for couples who are trying to conceive a child, but it can also be a major cause of sexual frustration between partners.


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Does the Doppler Test have Any Risks?

While the risks are minimal and insignificant with doppler testing, they cannot be completely ruled out. More often than not, the artificially obtained erection after the administration of the stimulant through injection can last longer than the expected duration. This can cause discomfort for the patient and might even lead to severe damage to the phallic tissues.

Why Choose Aastha IVF?

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